Top 5 Tools: Brian Wing, Two Masters Automotive
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Top 5 Tools: Brian Wing, Two Masters Automotive

The country’s top technicians tell you which five automotive tools help them the most.


Brian Wing, owner
Two Masters Automotive
Putney, VT


CarDAQ-M J2534 Pass-Through Module from Drew Technologies — This is the one tool that really allows us to tell our customers that there is NOTHING that the dealer can do that we cannot. Being able to re-flash just about any module that comes our way helps us keep the customers — and the profit — to ourselves. I can look up the next day’s appointments, check for applicable updates, then be ready to point out to each customer how they could benefit from a re-flash. They think we spent a fortune on this equipment, but we made our investment back in less than one month! Pass-through is the future; embrace it!


Launch X-431 Scan Tool — This is a phenomenal factory-level bi-directional scan tool. It uses Blue-Tooth technology, which allows for reliable wireless operation. The European and Japanese coverage is excellent, and the domestic coverage is second to none. Updates are easy and web-based. While we have other very decent scanners, this one is the go-to and we wonder how we ever got along without it.

Mini-Ductor from Induction Innovations — Living in Vermont, we see more than our share of corrosion and seized components. But using a torch to free many components is impossible due to the corollary damage the torch can cause to other parts: CV boots, ball joints and wheel bearings are some samples of items that can be damaged inadvertently with a torch. But with Mini-Ductor, I can heat a bolt or nut red-hot while everything around it remains cool to the touch. This helps us keep repair costs down, which our customers love us for.


Vantage Pro from Snap-on Tools — With testing procedures and known-good values stored internally, this tool is absolutely necessary for component testing during driveability-related diagnosis. The dual-scope feature is priceless, with most presets having done most of the work for me.

CTS 561 Electric Screwdriver from Snap-on Tools — This tool has a butterfly trigger and the quick release chuck allows me to use any bit that will get the job done. This tool is great anywhere on the vehicle, but I especially love how easy interior work has become with this little workhorse. It comes with two batteries and a charger, so you will never be held up and can use this puppy reliably all day long.





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