TMD Announces Dates For 2015 Quarterly Brake Training Classes

TMD Announces Dates For 2015 Quarterly Brake Training Classes

TMDAfter the success of its 2014 Training classes, TMD Friction, manufacturer of OEM and premium aftermarket brands Textar and Don, has announced training class dates for 2015.

Fabio Jurchaks, sales and engineering director, NAFTA, said “As we wrap up the last training of 2014, we are pleased to announce our training dates for next year. Interest in the training continues to grow. We take a unique approach for brake training by starting with a ‘deep dive’ on friction materials: formulation, evaluation, testing and certification of brake linings and pads. Production processing also is covered. Training on drum and disc brake theory, function, air system components and fleet spec’ing to optimize the material for the application also are discussed. Reduced Stopping Distance (RSD) is an important topic, with many RSD1 vehicles coming up on their first brake reline. Common myths in brake linings are presented as well. We had lively discussions in the 2014 classes and look forward to many more in 2015.”

The one-day class is free to all who attend. Lunch and training materials are also included.

2015 training dates are:
• Feb. 4
• April 29
• Aug. 12
• Nov. 11

Opportunities to attend the last training of 2014 on Nov. 12 are still available. Contact John Thompson at 248-635-4850 or [email protected] to reserve seats.

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