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Test Relays With Relay Fuse Buddy From Electronic Specialties

This tester connects in place of the relay and allows control of circuit power downstream of the relay.


Relay Fuse Buddy (P/N 316) from Electronic Specialties Inc. is a new diagnostic tool featuring an on/off bypass switch and live current meter.

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This tester connects in place of the vehicle relay and allows control of circuit power downstream of the relay. Is the relay bad or is the circuit bad? In this case, Relay Fuse Buddy can help diagnose the case.

When circuit power is applied via the bypass switch, tester displays live circuit current up to 20 amps continuous and 30 amps momentary. No amp probe is required, this test kit is complete and ready to go out of the box. 

Relay Fuse Buddy has many applications and can be used to turn on/off DC motors, fuel injectors and fuel pumps, for example.

Adapters are included for six of the most common types of relays, providing wide test coverage.  

The combination of a relay bypass switch and live circuit amperage make for a powerful testing package. Combined, they enhance your circuit and relay diagnostic capabilities.

Tester works on both 12V and 24V systems. Test current resolution is 0.1 amps. Relay Fuse Buddy includes a one-year warranty.

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