Tenneco Showcases Ride Performance Technologies For Light Vehicles

Tenneco Showcases Ride Performance Technologies For Light Vehicles

Tenneco recently showcased its suite of ride performance technologies on current production vehicles and demonstrated advanced suspension technologies for future programs during a media technology day held at the Waterford Hills Raceway in Clarkston, Mich. Technologies ranging from passive dampers to advanced electronic suspension systems were demonstrated on a variety of vehicles, from small passenger cars to luxury sedans and sport utility vehicles.

“Tenneco is a global suspension technology leader with our focus on superior functionality and advanced technology offerings,” said Tim Jackson, Tenneco chief technology officer. “Our pipeline of products anticipates and responds to key trends driving the marketplace and gives our customers a full suite of options to support their strategies for each vehicle model.”

One such trend is the increasing use of electronic systems to enhance a vehicle’s handling and ride comfort. Electronically controlled suspension systems are growing in popularity and offer features not available in conventional suspension systems, according to Tenneco.

Tenneco’s Monroe Intelligent Suspension provides a range of technologies for all market segments and includes adjustable damping, semi-active damping, scalable architecture and fully active damping. The company demonstrated two different electronic suspension systems at the media technology day, including:

CVSA – This is an electronic suspension system that continuously adjusts shock absorber damping levels to road conditions and vehicle dynamics such as speed, turning, cornering and other driver inputs to achieve an optimal balance between ride comfort and vehicle handling. The CVSA system can be switched from standard to sport or comfort mode at any time according to driver preferences without impacting vehicle dynamics.

CVSA2/Kinetic – Tenneco’s most advanced electronic suspension currently in production is an interconnected passive, reactive system that provides continuously controlled damping and high roll stiffness with reduced articulation stiffness. CVSA2/Kinetic combines advanced mechanical and hydraulic systems with intelligent electronics, to maximize the balance between vehicle handling, stability and driver comfort.

The design and tuning of a vehicle’s suspension system directly influences its characteristic feel – how the driver and passengers experience the ride, including their degree of comfort.

“Tenneco’s technology portfolio combined with the company’s core competencies in product design, predictive analysis and ride tuning enable us to develop suspension solutions that support the specific ‘DNA’ of any customer brand,” said Jackson.

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