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Tech Tips: Volkswagen: Noise from Front when Steering Wheel is Turned

Follow these steps to diagnose a noise when the steering wheel is turned on a Volkswagen.


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All models except 2010-2015 Routan

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Squeaking/creaking noise from front of vehicle while fully turning steering wheel.

Technical Background

The ribs of the outer CV boot may contact one another when the steering wheel is fully turned. This has the possibility to create a squeak or creak noise. The noise may be more prevalent in wet weather.


If the noise is determined to be coming from the outer CV boot ribs coming in contact with each other, no further work is required. Please explain to the customer that this is a normal condition and may be more noticeable in wet weather. Note: This contact does not affect the service life or the function of the components and is considered normal. DO NOT replace parts for this concern.

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