Code P2187: Volkswagen Check Engine Light Is On

Tech Tip: Volkswagen Check Engine Light Is On With Trouble Code P2187

The check engine light is on, with trouble code P2187, too lean off idle bank 1. This "Fast Fix" from Identifix shows how one tech solved this issue.

Vehicle: 2004 Volkswagen Beetle GLS 2.0L, L4, MFI, SOHC

Customer Concern: The check engine light is on, with trouble code P2187, too lean off idle bank 1.

Potential Causes:
– Defective Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor
– Leaking Engine Vacuum
– N80 Canister Purge Solenoid


1. Check and verify that there are no vacuum leaks or ­un-metered air leaks.

2. Check the MAF sensor grams/second readings as ­follows:

  a. Idle (about 830 rpm) 3.5 grams/sec. or more (4 to 4.5 grams/sec. preferred).

  b. 2,500 rpm no load, 9 to 15 grams/sec. (11 to 12 grams/sec. preferred).

  c. Wide open throttle road (WOT) load (drive vehicle at 45 mph in third gear and perform a WOT acceleration, observe maximum indicated grams/sec. readings on the MAF); 90 or more grams/sec. preferred.

  d. A MAF that exhibits ­consistently lower than normal grams/sec. readings can cause a P0102 code to set.

3. Check for a leaking N80 Canister Control Valve. This can cause a vacuum leak and a lean idle condition.

Confirmed Fix: Replaced the MAF sensor.

Courtesy of Identifix’s “Five Fast Fixes.”

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