Tech Tip: Infiniti Front End Popping/Squeaking/Clunking Noises

Tech Tip: Infiniti Front End Popping/Squeaking/Clunking Noises

Applied vehicles: 2004-’10 Qx56 (JA60) [all 2004-’09 and 2010 vehicles built before: 5N3ZA(*)N(**)AN 904401]

If you confirm:

A noise (clunking squeaking popping) can be heard when performing at least one of the following actions:

– turning the steering wheel left or right;

– driving over speed bumps;

– driving on rough roads;

– accelerating or decelerating; and

The noise is coming from the front stabilizer bar bushing.


Replace the front stabilizer bar bushing on both sides (RH and LH) with P/N 54613-ZV50A.

– Refer to the FSU section of the applicable ­electronic service manual for removal and installation instructions.

– Before installing the new bushings, use Nissan Brake Cleaner (or equivalent) to clean the stabilizer bar where the bushings make contact. See Fig. 1.

Fig. 1

Courtesy of ALLDATA.  

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