Tech Tip: FAQs on Wheel Bearing Installation
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Tech Tip: FAQs on Wheel Bearing Installation

Here are the top frequently asked questions about bearing installation from SKF.


Can the rings located in the tracks next to the bearing be re-used?
SKF: No, these locking rings must be replaced by new ones during mounting because they are often seriously damaged during dismounting. The locking rings should be considered as safety features, as they help to secure the position of the bearing.

The seal in the wheel bearing kit does not look exactly like the one that was mounted. Why is that?

SKF: Because products are undergoing continuous development and improvement, a component may look slightly different from an original part. Be assured that SKF approves only seals that are similar to or better than the original.


My bearing is equipped with a magnetic impulse ring for ABS. How can I be sure what side of the bearing the impulse ring is situated on and how should I turn the bearing when mounting?
SKF: To make sure what side the impulse ring is located, one can use a thin, light object that you carefully place against the side of the bearing. The magnetism from the bearing will attract the object. Mount the bearing with the magnetic impulse ring toward the inside, against the ABS sensor. Be aware that incorrect mounting can lead to failure of the braking system to function properly. Don’t let the magnetic impulse ring be subjected to hits and bumps or make contact with other magnetic fields.


My wheel bearing has two taper roller bearings. Why should I fill the space between the bearings with grease? How much grease should I use?

SKF: The grease in this space is there to protect the bearing from contamination. The amount of grease should be around 50% of the space in a mounted application.

How much grease should I use when I grease the bearing?

SKF: Many bearings are sealed and greased for life. Others are open and should be greased when mounted. It is difficult to say precisely how much grease is correct; the most important thing is that one makes sure that bearings have grease within them. If too much grease has been used, the potential surplus will sling out when the bearing is rotating. Do not forget the other details that need lubrication. Look in the mounting instructions and the car manufacturer’s recommendations. Always use a grease with good quality.


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