Tech Tip: Chrysler’s Fuel Pressure Is OK, but Codes P0172 and P0175 are Detected

Tech Tip: Chrysler’s Fuel Pressure Is OK, but Codes P0172 and P0175 are Detected

Applies To:
1998-2004 Intrepid 2.7L
1999-2004 Concorde 2.7L
2001 LHS 3.5L
2001-’04 Sebring 2.7L
2002 300M 3.5L
2002-’04 Intrepid 3.5L and Stratus 2.7L
2003-’04 Concorde 3.5L
2003 Stratus 2.4L

Customer Concern:
Trouble codes P0172 and P0175; fuel pressure is OK.

Potential Causes:
Camshaft Timing
Oxygen (O2) Sensor
Exhaust Gas Recirculation
(EGR) Valve

1. Test to see if the EGR valve is stuck open at idle. Make a block-off plate and put it under the EGR valve, if necessary. Replace the valve assembly if it’s stuck open.

2. Verify that the camshaft timing is correct and repair as needed.

3. Check the downstream O2 sensor operation. It should switch like the front sensor but at a slower rate. This will affect the way the engine runs. Replace the ­sensor as needed.

Courtesy of Identifix.

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