Tech Talk: 'Baywatch'

Tech Talk: ‘Baywatch’

Problem “models” that technicians see on a regular basis

There are some vehicles that technicians just can’t get enough of — the models that make it into the shops on a reoccurring basis with the same repair complaint. ford explorer

These vehicles that breakdown often become a shop joke, taking on the lemon label while earning no respect from even the most masterful technicians.

Web2Carz showcases 10 vehicles that technicians are getting “up close and personal” with much too often. See what reoccurring problems and owner complaints are making these vehicles spend too much time “in the bays.”

2002-’09 Ford Explorer:
• Transmission problems, including slipping gears and hard shifting.

• Body and paint problems, including cracking panels near rear windows.

• Cooling system problems, including leaking radiators.

• Engine system problems, including engine stalls while idlingchrysler town & country


1997-2010 Chrysler Town & Country:
• Transmission problems, including transmission failure

• Steering system problems, rack and pinion and water pump failure.

• Cooling system problems, including leaking radiators.

• Electrical problems, electric door-locks stop working. pontiac g6 coupe


2006-’08 Pontiac G6 Coupe

• Steering system problems, including faulty power steering.

• Interior quality problems, including a falling down headliner.


2002-’03 Chevrolet Impala:
• Electrical system problems, including Passlock problems, and intermittent no-starts.chevy impala

• Coolant system problems, including leaking coolant from faulty intake manifold gasket.

• Interior accessory problems, including a faulty speedometer.

• Electric system problems, including no-starts due to security system malfunction, and faulty electronic gauge clusters.


 dodge ram

2001-’03 Dodge Ram:
• Interior quality problems, including a cracking dashboard.

• Engine system problems, including seizure due to oil sludge.

• Cooling system problems, including leaking radiators, and leaking and faulty head gaskets.



2000-’06 Audi A6:

• Transmission problems, including Tiptronic transmission failure. audi a6

• Engine system problems, including blown turbos, and oil leaks.





1998-2003 Chevrolet  S-10 Pickup:

• Transmission problems, including complete transmission failure.

• Drivetrain problems, including differential failure.

• Suspension system problems, including lower ball joint new beetle convertible


2000-’07 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible:

• Transmission problems, including slipping gears.

• Interior accessory problems, including false check engine light.

• A/C System problems, including complete system failure.

• Fuel system problems, including fuel pump and fuel pump relay failure.


 chrysler pt cruiser (turbo)

2001-’07 Chrysler PT Cruiser (Turbo):

• Interior accessory problems, including false check engine light.

• Wheel problems, including wheel/rim peel that causes air leakage.

• Electrical problems, including always-on brake lights, and failure to start at ignition.

• Engine problems, including rough idle when A/C is engaged.


2000-’09 Dodge Intrepid: Dodge Intrepid

• Engine system problems, including oil sludge and engine seizure, knocking and failure.

• Electrical system problems, including automatic door locks not working.

• Transmission system problems, including transmission gear change failure.

The “10 Cars that Mechanics See Too Often,” courtesy of Web2Cars, was sourced utilizing a variety of sources, including Consumer Reports, CarComplaints, and various online
technician forums and blogs.

What do you think? Do you have some common owner complaints about these vehicles that could be added to this list? Are there vehicle models in your opinion that didn’t make this list that are in your shop’s bays more often than others? E-mail your comments to [email protected]

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