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ZF Aftermarket’s Campaign Expands Community

As the submissions started coming in, ZF Aftermarket realized that this project reached much further than just the automotive professionals in repair shops – it reached employees under the ZF umbrella, children helping their parents in shops, fellow businesses and automotive enthusiasts all doing their part.

ZF Aftermarket Offers ‘Back To School’ Savings On ZF [pro]Tech Membership

To get in the back to school spirit, ZF Aftermarket is offering its ZF [pro]Tech membership for $50 off as part of promoting continuing education for technicians in the auto care industry.

ZF Aftermarket’s Latest Product Campaign Is All About Its Customers

Auto care professionals are called upon to show their pride in parts.

ZF Aftermarket Invites Automotive Aftermarket Professionals To Contribute To Latest Campaign

After a week of hints across its social media accounts, ZF Aftermarket has launched the #ItsAboutThePart campaign.

ZF Aftermarket Expands TRW Corner Module Product Line Coverage

The company has added an additional 214 SKUs to its Branded Corner Module product ranges in the fourth quarter, rounding out 2018 with more than 670 new parts added in total.

ZF Aftermarket And ASE Name The Master Technician Of 2018

As the lead technician at Dakota Truck Sales and Service in Tampa, FL, Mark Verdi has worked in the automotive industry for the past 37 years.

ZF Aftermarket Introduces New Steering Damper Range For TRW And SACHS Brands

These products are designed to remove uncontrolled steering or undesired side-to-side movement in the steering of the vehicle and ensure a like-new handling and driving experience.

ZF Aftermarket Expands TRW-Branded Corner Module Product Line Coverage

The expanded TRW Corner Module product lines for braking, steering and suspension include a new offering with more than 100 SKUs added to the range.

ZF Aftermarket Announces New Range Extension For TRW Corner Module Applications

The TRW brand has added 118 new SKUs to the TRW corner module range so far in 2018, including 65 chassis, 65 ride control and 14 braking components.

ZF Aftermarket Announces 2018 Technical Training Class Schedule

Topics scheduled for the year include modern chassis technologies, VW/Audi DSG transmission diagnostics and an overhaul class.

ZF Aftermarket And ASE Present Esteemed Award To Master Technician

The award highlighted a technician in the field who represents high-quality training, automotive skills and the importance of continuing education.

ZF Aftermarket Launches Mobile Technical Training

This mobile technical training vehicle allows certified ZF trainers to travel cross-country and share educational programming covering new technologies and trends in the industry.