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Checklist: Winter Brake System Issues to Look Out For

Welcome to January, where much of the United States has begun to experience cold temperatures, snowstorms and icy roads. Depending on where your shop is located, you could be looking at another three months of cold, wet weather, bringing with it the usual wear-and-tear to customers’ vehicles. You know the importance of always performing a

Protect Your Customers from Winter Wiper Woes

With winter on its way, it’s never too early to get ahead of the snow, slush, ice and all conditions that aren’t nice for drivers. Preparing customers before winter rolls in means they have the best chance for safe travels ahead, especially during peak periods. While new tires, a full battery and a fresh oil

Winter Vehicle Maintenance

For much of the country, winter brings potentially hazardous road conditions – meaning, your shop should be planning now to help your customers safely weather the season.

ABS: Why Winter Is Hard On Your ABS Brake System

Rock salt and deicing brines can corrode brake lines. Automakers have tried galvanization, polymer coatings and physical barriers to stop this corrosion, but these surfaces can’t prevent age and the pecking of road debris from causing corrosion.

Send Us Your Winter Beater!

The more unique the car, the better. An all-wheel-drive Chrysler minivan from the 1990s is the Bentley of winter beaters. A Saturn is a good choice, but they might be too common for some. There are also those crazy choices that showcase the driver’s skills and tolerance to adversity, like a Pontiac Fiero, Mazda Miata or Mercury Capri convertible.

Winter Air Ride Diagnostics

To the untrained technician, a winter air ride problem might lead you down the path thinking there is a leak in the system. However, chances are there are no detectable leaks. These types of faults are usually set by parameters from the air ride module for a certain action to cause an expected result. Think of it as an EVAP system.

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