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Advanced Wheel Bearing Diagnostics

Can a bump set a wheel speed sensor code?

Diagnosing Hub Unit Wheel Speed Sensor Codes

For the technician, it can be frustrating. The wheel speed sensors are some of the longest circuits in the vehicle.

Wheel Speed Sensors (VIDEO)

There are two types of wheel speed sensors, active and passive.This video is sponsored by BCA Bearings by NTN.

The Case Of The Shrinking Air Gap

The process of finding and diagnosing real-world challenges can be more educational than expected.

Carlson Releases New ABS Wheel Speed Sensors

The company says the new wheel speed sensors undergo thermal, shock, vibration, durability and extreme temperature testing.

Continental Introduces ATE OE Wheel Speed Sensor Replacements

These high-quality wheel speed sensors are genuine OE replacement parts.

VIDEO: Wheel Speed Sensor Codes For Circuit Integrity

You’ll learn how to decipher codes and diagnose the circuit. This video is sponsored by BCA Bearings.

VIDEO: CV Joint Axles And ABS Wheel Speed Sensors

Follow these essential steps before this auto repair. This video is sponsored by GSP North America.

VIDEO: Case Study Of A Failed Wheel Bearing Hub Unit

Understanding what the code means is the first step to this auto repair. This video is sponsored by BCA Bearings.

VIDEO: False Wheel Speed Reading Caused By Metal Debris

Andrew Markel discusses active wheel speed sensors, and how metal debris sticking to the reluctor ring can cause a code or false activation. Sponsored by FAG, a Schaeffler brand.

VIDEO: How Rust And Corrosion Affect Wheel Speed Sensors

Andrew Markel discusses wheel speed sensors, and how to test if they are being affected by rust or corrosion. Sponsored by BCA Bearings.

Wheel Bearings And Wheel Speed Sensors

If you are replacing a wheel bearing on a late-model vehicle, you will be dealing with a wheel speed sensor. In the past decade, wheel speed sensors have been moving from differentials, axles and knuckles to inside or on the wheel bearing or hub unit. At this location, the sensors are more accurate and often more protected from the elements. The average wheel bearing job may require a scan tool, scope or meter to verify the operation of the sensor.