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EZ-COLLETS App Makes Wheel Balancing More Efficient

The app helps service pros find the best collet, flange or quick plate for a wheel balancing job in a few simple steps.

Perfect Equipment Releases Cold Weather Tape Adhesive Weights

This product joins the market in an attempt to alleviate cold weather-driven issues that can occur when installing adhesive wheel weights.

Maryland Bans Lead Wheel Weights

Maryland is now the 8th state in the U.S. to enact a ban on lead wheel balance weights, as Governor Larry Hogan signed the bill into law on May 4, 2017.

Allpart Supply Opens New Wheel Balancing And Automotive Lift Training Center With TIA Certified ATS Training

Allpart hosted the inaugural training program in partnership with the Tire Industry Association (TIA) as part of TIA’s Certified ATS Advanced Instructor Training Tour.

The Case for On-Car Wheel Balancing and Wheel-to-Hub Indexing

Off-car wheel balancers do an excellent job of measuring dynamic unbalance — static and couple — and many also measure tire/wheel uniformity, radial runout or calculate radial force variation (RFV) to help eliminate vibration and verify the assembly is balanced and round when rolling. However, two problematic assumptions are made with off-car balancers: 1. That

wheel indexing