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VIDEO: Applying Preload To Bearings

Andrew Markel discusses applying preload to new bearings, and how service information should always be consulted when doing so. Sponsored by BCA Bearings.

VIDEO: Spalling Effects On Wheel Bearings

Andrew Markel discusses spalling, and how this tiny imperfection can cause noise and damage on a wheel bearing down the line. Sponsored by BCA Bearings.

VIDEO: Replace The Whole CV Axle, Not Just The Boot

Andrew Markel discusses how the condition of the CV boot can tell a lot about the condition of the entire axle, and why replacing the whole axle is better for the vehicle in general. Sponsored by TrakMotive.

BEST OF 2018: How To Probe A Wheel Speed Sensor Harness

In one of the best videos of 2018, Andrew Markel explains the proper way to probe a wheel speed sensor harness without damaging the insulation of the harness. Sponsored by BCA Bearings.

BEST OF 2018: Clicking Noise After Wheel Hub Replacement

In one of the best videos of 2018, Andrew Markel introduces two TSBs from two different OEMs to resolve wheel hub clicking that happen to be nearly identical. Sponsored by BCA Bearings.

BEST OF 2018: Noise In The Bearing, But Zero Play?

In one of the top videos of 2018, Andrew Markel discusses bearing noise, and where it could be coming from if you find the bearing has no play. Sponsored by BCA Bearings.

BEST OF 2018: Removing Stuck Wheel Bearings The Right Way

Watch one of the top videos of 2018 in which Andrew Markel describes some common mistakes in removing a seized wheel bearing, as well as the right tools and procedures to prevent damaging the unit. Sponsored by BCA Bearings.

VIDEO: Brake Caliper Seals And Lubricants

Andrew Markel takes a look inside a brake caliper including how its seals and lubricants keep the unit braking safely. Sponsored by Nissan.

VIDEO: Front End Repair Checklist For Pothole Season

When the winter starts to set in, more customers enter your shop having hit a pothole. Andrew Markel discusses the areas you need to check to ensure a complete repair. Sponsored by Nissan.

VIDEO: What Is A Squealer?

Andrew Markel discusses brake pads and the ubiquitous “squealer,” and how it helps customers with maintenance intervals. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: Diagnosing A Brake Pull

Andrew Markel discusses the dreaded brake pull complaint, and focuses on three areas of the vehicle to check to diagnose this problem faster. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: Regenerative Braking On Hybrid Vehicles

Andrew Markel discusses regenerative braking on hybrid vehicles, and how its properties call for a well-performed brake pad replacement procedure. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.