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AMN Drivetime: Vange Proimos (VIDEO)

It was Vange Proimos’ experience as a tech and shop owner that has informed much of his success as CEO of AP Emissions.

AMN Drivetime: Bill Long (VIDEO)

In this edition of AMN Drivetime, MEMA’s Bill Long shares a few key mantras gleaned from an incredible career.

John Bean Showcases Tire Changer In New Video

The video features the company’s John Bean T7800 leverless tire changer.

VIDEO: Lab Tests Show Brake Hardware Effectiveness On Pad Wear

Andrew Markel discusses a lab test with three vehicles on the effectiveness of brand new brake hardware on preventing premature brake pad wear. Sponsored by Carlson.

VIDEO: Comparing The Condition Of Opposing Wheel Bearings

Andrew Markel discusses diagnosing wheel bearings, and how the condition of one bearing may give a hint of the condition of the bearing on the opposite side. Sponsored by FAG, a Schaeffler brand.

VIDEO: Checking Transmission Clutch Health

Andrew Markel discusses several ways to diagnose a clutch’s healthy operation to maximize the life of the transmission. Sponsored by Valeo.

VIDEO: Heat Treated Wheel Bearing Parts

Andrew Markel discusses wheel bearing production and how heat treating makes its surfaces stronger. Sponsored by FAG, a Schaeffler brand.

VIDEO: False Wheel Speed Reading Caused By Metal Debris

Andrew Markel discusses active wheel speed sensors, and how metal debris sticking to the reluctor ring can cause a code or false activation. Sponsored by FAG, a Schaeffler brand.

VIDEO: What Brake Pad Wear Can Tell You About The Hardware

Andrew Markel discusses how you can tell the condition of the brake system and hardware by looking at the wear patterns on the pads. Sponsored by Carlson.

VIDEO: Always Use A New Axle Nut

Andrew Markel discusses wheel hub bearing replacement, and why it is important to ensure a new axle nut is used on every job. Sponsored by FAG, a Schaeffler brand.

VIDEO: Should You Lubricate Male or Female Axle Splines?

Andrew Markel discusses whether the splines on a CV axle or wheel bearing truly need lubricated. Sponsored by FAG, a Schaeffler brand.

VIDEO: Brake Hose Degradation Diagnostics

Andrew Markel discusses the signs of brake hose degradation by checking the outside and inside of the hoses. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.