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VIDEO: Testing The Transmission With The Stall Test

Andrew Markel introduces two mechanical tests that can be performed on a transmission to gauge its road performance. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Mazda Tech Tip: Vibration Felt Through The Floor/Seat/Steering Wheel

Some customers may complain about a vibration that is felt through the floor, seat and/or steering wheel while driving under moderate acceleration, at speeds of approximately 25-30 mph (40-50 km/h). The vibration is more noticeable when driving on smooth, flat roads.

Bar’s Leaks CVT Transmission Fix Stops Leaks, Noise, Slipping

Bar’s Leaks New CVT Transmission Fix eliminates slips, sluggishness and hesitation while quickly sealing leaks in continuously variable transmissions at a fraction of the cost of repairs.

OTC Introduces Five New Tools To The Transmission Product Line

The new tools include: flywheel holding tool; shift rail seal installer; torque converter seal installer; transmission adapter plate bushing replacer; and universal transmission adapter.

VIDEO: Transmission Contamination From The Inside

Contaminants cannot enter a transmission because it is sealed, but the breakdown of fluid can cause heat and friction issues. Andrew Markel explains the importance of replacing transmission fluid. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

What’s New With Functional Fluids?

Late-model vehicle technology is changing. Wider tires, active safety systems and AWD technology are not only influencing how vehicles perform, but also the service and maintenance requirements of their functional fluids.

How To Diagnose NVH Complaints In Drivetrain Components

Thanks to advanced technology, modern vehicles operate with fewer noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) complaints than ever ­before. Consequently, when a NVH issue arises, it’s most likely caused by worn drivetrain components like universal joints, constant velocity joints or wheel bearing hub assemblies. In any case, NVH complaints can often be the most challenging to diagnose when you can’t duplicate the driving conditions under which they occur.

Wheel Bearings And Locking Hubs

Automatic hubs are used on many 4×4 trucks to disengage the front wheels when four-wheel drive is not needed. Disconnecting the front wheels reduces friction and may improve fuel economy as much as one mile per gallon depending on the vehicle. A one mpg difference may not sound like much, but every little bit helps.

ASE A2 Prep: Transmission Diagnostics

The transmission game has changed. Solenoids, sensors and computers have replaced vacuum lines, governors and kick down cables on modern automatic transmissions. The tools have also changed: Scan tools, scopes and meters have replaced pressure and vacuum gauges.

American Powertrain Announces New Pro-Fit 6-Speed System For 1968-’82 C3 Corvettes

The system looks like the original 4-speed transmission with the correct shifter position in the factory console, according to the company.

Oil Consumption On Manual Transmission Acura Vehicles

In this updated TSB from 2013, Acura discusses how some 2011-‘13 TSX models with manual transmissions can develop an oil consumption problem. The TSB states: “If you do not see any other factors contributing to oil consumption, consider engine braking as the possible cause.”

Audi Start-Stop System Information

This informational TSB applies to Audi vehicles with a start/stop system. The start/stop system allows automatic engine stops and starts. Although the driver expects it, the engine may not automatically be switched off due to many different factors.