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Diesel Transmissions: Geared Up To Handle Power

We build the transmission to handle their ultimate goal.

Programming: Why We Need To Program/Update Modules

While most updating is done using online access, you don’t have actual access to the files that contain the programming.

Two For The Price Of One: BorgWarner 4417 Transfer Case

There are two models of the 4417, which can be an issue in diagnostics and obtaining parts or reman units.

Transmission 2.0: Reprogramming Drivetrain Modules

If you’re performing drivetrain service and replacement, you need to be able to reflash or reprogram the transmission.

Lucas Oil Transmission Fix Corrects Common Issues

Designed to stop seal leaks and hard shifting in high-mileage transmissions.

Rein Automotive Offers Automatic Transmission Service Kits

The kits are for a wide range of European models equipped with ZF 6HP series transmissions.

Solving Electronic Control Problems In Today’s Automatic Transmissions

Troubleshooting an automatic transmission can be one of the most intimidating diagnostic procedures a shop faces today. The first reaction is often “We don’t do that type of work” – when, in reality, there is real profit in performing drivetrain diagnostics and “in-the-car” repairs.

VIDEO: Diagnosing Drivetrain Stabilization

The angles of the universal and cardan joints on a driveshaft have a limited range of motion. If the angle of the pinion, transmission or axle exceed the specifications, it can result in noise and damage to the drivetrain. Andrew Markel shows how a worn motor mount or damaged axle can result in a customer noise compliant. Sponsored by TrakMotive.

VIDEO: Checking Transmission Clutch Health

Andrew Markel discusses several ways to diagnose a clutch’s healthy operation to maximize the life of the transmission. Sponsored by Valeo.

Transmission Fluid: Just Because It’s Red Doesn’t Mean It’s The Same

Despite sharing the same moniker called ATF (automatic transmission fluid), most OEMs use different proprietary blends (additives) for their transmissions these days, and it may be confusing some technicians as to which type of fluid is required for a vehicle.

Ford Tech Tip: Automatic Transmission Delayed Engagement From Park To Drive Or Reverse

Some models may exhibit a delayed park to forward or reverse transmission engagement only on initial vehicle start up after parking several hours or overnight. The vehicle functions normally after the initial engagement has completed. Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition.

ASE PREP: A2 Automatic Transmission Tips

Chances are you will not be rebuilding a transmission, but rather you will be listening to your customer’s complaint and diagnosing it. Knowing where to start is the most challenging part of the job. The main focus of ASE’s A2 test is the electromechanical part of the transmission. The basic concept to remember is that if the electromechanical part of the transmission not correctly controlling the mechanical components of the transmission, a mechanical failure will happen.