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Transmission Fluid Hydraulics

You need to know how transmission fluid flows inside an automatic transmission.

Manual Transmission Failure Causes

One of the most common reasons behind why a manual transmission fails is lack of lubrication.

Transmission Valve Body Replacement

Learning how to perform drivetrain diagnostics and “in-the-car” repairs is important.

AISIN Launches 2 New Automatic Transmission Fluids

The new automatic transmission fluids are for Mazda and Subaru applications.

Hot Shot’s Secret Rebrands Transmission Stiction Eliminator

The new name for the popular transmission additive was selected to better describe the product’s primary consumer benefit.

Lucas Oil Transmission Fix Corrects Common Issues

Designed to stop seal leaks and hard shifting in high-mileage transmissions.

Servicing and Maintaining Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

In this episode of the Lubrizol 360 podcast, we discuss the service and maintenance implications of the growing number of hybrid and electric vehicles. We sit down with Lubrizol’s Martin Birze and My Hang Truong discuss how vehicles like the BMW i3, Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius are changing how engine oil and driveline fluids

Transmission Fluid: Just Because It’s Red Doesn’t Mean It’s The Same

Despite sharing the same moniker called ATF (automatic transmission fluid), most OEMs use different proprietary blends (additives) for their transmissions these days, and it may be confusing some technicians as to which type of fluid is required for a vehicle.

VIDEO: Transmission Contamination From The Inside

Contaminants cannot enter a transmission because it is sealed, but the breakdown of fluid can cause heat and friction issues. Andrew Markel explains the importance of replacing transmission fluid. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

What’s New With Functional Fluids?

Late-model vehicle technology is changing. Wider tires, active safety systems and AWD technology are not only influencing how vehicles perform, but also the service and maintenance requirements of their functional fluids.

Automatic Transmission Fluid And Vehicle-Specific Formulations

Why are there so many types of automatic transmission fluid? You might ask yourself this question when you are tasked with ordering a few quarts for an Asian or European vehicle that rolls into your shop. While catering to specific carmaker demands can be a challenge, staying current with manufacturer recommendations is a must for today’s shops.

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VIDEO: Transmission Fluids In Modern Vehicles

Andrew Markel goes over the different types of transmission fluid and which applications they are used for. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.