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The Problem Is Not In The Transfer Case

The most important part of any repair work is locating the cause of the problem that causes the customer complaint.

VIDEO: GM Transmissions And Transfer Cases

GM transmissions and transfer cases are unique to each individual vehicle. This video is sponsored by ACDelco.

Two For The Price Of One: BorgWarner 4417 Transfer Case

There are two models of the 4417, which can be an issue in diagnostics and obtaining parts or reman units.

What’s Coming Next With Differentials And Transfer Cases?

With a lot of AWD cars and SUVs coming off powertrain warranties, you are going to see more differential and transfer case maintenance and repairs at your shop. What makes these drivetrain components different from previous systems is that these have more electronic and mechanical controls that work with the ABS and stability control systems. This is a huge service opportunity.

BRAKELIGHT: 1990 Jeep Wrangler

This customer has a 1990 Jeep Wrangler 4×4. When he came in he said, “I felt a really bad vibration and realized I forgot to take it out of four-wheel drive. Then the front driveshaft flew off the car at 80 mph and now it feels a little low on power.” He needed a new exhaust pipe, transfer case and driveshaft.