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John Gardner And Babcox Media Partner For Video Series

John Gardner produced a series of videos with Babcox Media to give a detailed look into what goes into complex car systems.

Diagnosing Subaru Low Tire Pressure Warnings

Low tire pressure is the most common cause of a TPMS warning light – resetting it may take more than just air.

TPMS Tips To Keep The Tire Light Off

There are a few key things to always check first to save yourself and your customer some time.

TPMS In the Modern Age – How OEs Make Service Difficult

OE manufacturers have developed technologies to protect many vehicle networks from unauthorized access.

Perform OE-Level Analysis With TOPDON’s New Diagnostic Tool

This Bluetooth-enabled tool can identify a vehicle’s make, model, year and quickly match software to the vehicle.

Alligator Adds 8th-Gen. Corvette Coverage to Sens.It TPMS

The Corvette is one of the first General Motors models to support Auto Learn.

Subaru TPMS Service

Always service these direct systems with dedicated TPMS tools.

Ford TPMS Service

All the systems are straightforward and common service procedures apply to most models.

Servicing GM Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

If the deflation is rapid, it will give an immediate warning by flashing the warning light.

Schrader TPMS Academy Launches Summer Giveaway Contest

Schrader’s Facebook followers will have the opportunity to win one of two TPMS programming tool bundles.

Bartec USA Announces 3rd Software Update in 2020

This software update adds significant coverage for Rite-Sensor, increases the OBDII capabilities and adds new OE sensors.

Nissan TPMS Service Tips

If the system is malfunctioning, the light will flash for one minute and then stay on.