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TPMS: What are Dealers Doing?

Service shops aren’t the only ones concerned about TPMS these days. Auto dealers, also, are handling an increasing number of TPMS-equipped vehicles in their service bays. While there’s strong competition for vehicle service, TPMS is forcing both auto and tire dealers to cope with a new side dish on their service menus. The common thread,

Tire Tech: OEM Engineer Dispels (and Adds Fuel to) TPMS Myths

Myths are fine if you’re teaching mythology. However, they are a pain in the bay for the automotive aftermarket, especially when dealing with new components like tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). With every new technology, there are inherent learning, maintenance and problem-solving issues. Also, there are accompanying apprehensions and fears. Some concerns are valid; others would fall into the category of myths.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Present a New Service Opportunity

Changing technology always brings with it a need for new tools, and today’s new Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are no exception. In 2000, Congress passed legislation called the TREAD (Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation) Act in response to tire failures that were causing SUV rollovers. Many of these tire failures were blamed on

Diagnostics Through CAN Networks

Since model year 2003, a growing number of domestic and import vehicles have been built with a new onboard communications protocol called CAN (Controller Area Network). CAN is essentially an engineering standard for how computers and modules talk to one another via the serial data bus in a vehicle’s wiring system. It’s a high speed