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Bartec USA’s TPMS Desktop 4.0 Features Remote Tool Setup

TPMS Desktop 4.0 offers a consumer-friendly audit report, which will make communicating tire and TPMS information to customers more effective.

Professional TPMS Tools From K Tool International

The KTI TPMS Tool is designed for medium-sized tire shops and tough service station environments with its rugged casing and durable rechargeable battery. This tool will read 98.6% of all sensors and can program all leading aftermarket TPMS sensor brands, says the company.

VIDEO: Why Is Using The OBDII Port For TPMS Relearns More Efficient?

Andrew Markel answers a reader question about TPMS relearn procedures and how a dedicated TPMS tool that is able to communicate with the TPMS module through the OBDII can help streamline the process. Sponsored by BARTEC USA.

Bartec Releases Latest Software Update

Release 56 contains updates and features for the range of Bartec TPMS tools.

Autel Releases MaxiTPMS TS408 Tool, New Online Resource

The new MaxiTPMS TS408 is a direct replacement for the TS401. features information and updates for all the current and new Autel MaxiTPMS tools.

ATEQ Announces March 2017 TPMS Tools Software Update

The software update includes new OE coverage, improved programmable sensor coverage, new functionalities and corrections.

Tips For Winter TPMS Service

The installation of snow tires can throw a monkey wrench into your service opportunities this winter if you’re not accustomed to dealing with TPMS.

TPMS Service Tip: Ask the Right Questions

If there is one piece of major advice for any tire tech facing a TPMS issue, it would be this: Test before you touch, and document the answers you get. Understanding the potential TPMS land mines can save time and money and eliminate frustrations. Get answers to these very important questions before tackling any TPMS

John Down TPMS DVT Sensor