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Subaru EyeSight Calibration: Is A Plumb Bob An OE Tool?

All ADAS calibration procedures should start with the same steps no matter the make or the tools used for calibration.

TPMS Diagnostic And Replacement Tips

Using new TPMS tools, you can have several options to replace and reprogram a sensor.

VIDEO: What Is The TPMS Light Telling You?

Andrew Markel shows what the TPMS light is saying in regards to inflation and system performance. Sponsored by Bartec.

Selling TPMS: Best Practices For Proper Service

The most important aspect of servicing tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) is looking through the eyes of the customer. Unlike some skeptical people on our side of the counter, most drivers like the benefits of tire pressure monitoring. Besides giving them peace of mind, TPMS has probably saved them money by increasing fuel mileage or allowing them to save a punctured tire.

Tips For Winter TPMS Service

The installation of snow tires can throw a monkey wrench into your service opportunities this winter if you’re not accustomed to dealing with TPMS.

Inside Replacement Sensors: Direct, Programmable and Universal

To understand any replacement sensor, you have to understand this: Sensors only transmit, they do not receive when they are on a vehicle. No vehicle asks a sensor, “How’s it going.” The sensor just transmits. The vehicle is looking for a sensor ID number that corresponds with the one programmed into the module and then

Ford TPMS sensor