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Alignment Specs: 2002-2011 Toyota Camry

The suspension for the Toyota Camry stayed the same from 2002-2011. The basic platform is easy to service and has no major issues. But, if the toe is adjusted, you must recalibrate the steering angle sensor. To find out if the vehicle has the optional VSC system, a light will illuminate on the dash when

Tenneco Earns Toyota Supplier Award

Tenneco was recognized with an Excellence Award in Supplier Diversity for its Clean Air Division from Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc. (TEMA) at its Annual Supplier Business Meeting (ABM) on March 10. Held at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in Covington, ABM brings together approximately 1,000 supplier representatives from across North America.

Toyota Avalon Alignment Spec: 2005-‘11

The Toyota Avalon is sometimes called the “Japanese Buick” due to its size and plush ride. However, the Avalon’s overall suspension design does not vary that much from Toyota’s smaller vehicle platforms. The Avalon comes in four trims: a standard XL trim, a sporty Touring trim, an XLS trim and a premium Limited trim. The

Toyota Avalon
Toyota Synergy Drive Hybrid Brake Job

Making its debut in 1997, Toyota’s Synergy Drive has been used in the Prius, Camry and offered on almost all Lexus models since 2006. Below are some of the basic rules of the road and some fixes that may come in handy when performing a brake job on these Toyota hybrids. Low Pedal Problems Low

Hybrid Toyota Brake Job
Getting An Accurate Toyota Tire Pressure

Ambient temperature changes can dramatically alter tire pressure, which could cause a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) warning light to illuminate. The TPMS must be initialized based on the tire’s “cold” pressure listed on the vehicle’s tire pressure label, usually located in the driver-side door opening. Tire temperature is dependent on cold tire pressure, ambient

Toyota Tire Pressure
The Automotive Training Group Releases Toyota & Ford Hybrid Diagnostics Course And Training Manual

The Automotive Training Group has released the 2013 Toyota & Ford Hybrid Diagnostics 7-hour course and training manual. This hybrid seminar was built from the actual failures occurring in a variety of Toyota and Ford hybrid models, so it applies directly to the diagnostic, repair and normal service challenges you’ll be seeing in your shop.

AVI Live Training: Toyota EVAP Livestream With Bob Pattengale

Bob Pattengale, from Robert Bosch, LLC, will be covering Toyota EVAP Diagnostics. This system started appearing in 2005 and is now the primary system used on Toyotas. The live online training program is February 13th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST. The training program is FREE (free AVI OnDemand account required).

Free New Wells Vehicle Electronics Video Covers Toyota EVAP Diagnostics

The step-by-step diagnosis and repair of EVAP system issues on a 1999 Toyota Camry LE model is now covered in a free troubleshooting video available from Wells Vehicle Electronics. The company’s Technical Services team produced the video using a Camry LE model that had failed an emissions test as a result of a PO446 code, which indicates that a leak was detected while activating the vacuum switch valve (VSV) during an EVAP monitor test.