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TPMS Valve Stem Tips

No matter the type of stem, carelessness can result in a broken sensor.

Servicing Tires With 18-In.-Plus Rims

Servicing any tire and wheel assembly correctly starts with having the right equipment.

Nexen Tire Using AI To Reduce Tire Noise

Real-world testing methodology using AI technology creates quieter, more environment-friendly tires for consumers.

Top Alignment Tips

When doing your pre-alignment inspection, always check and set tire inflation pressures.

Servicing GM Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

If the deflation is rapid, it will give an immediate warning by flashing the warning light.

Curing Tire Vibration Woes With RFV Wheel Balancing

Most shops have the incorrect assumption that anything more than a simple balance takes too much time.

Tips For Investing In A New Tire Changer

If your techs are struggling on tough tires or damaging wheels, it could be time to invest in updating older equipment.

VIDEO: Front End Repair Checklist For Pothole Season

When the winter starts to set in, more customers enter your shop having hit a pothole. Andrew Markel discusses the areas you need to check to ensure a complete repair. Sponsored by Nissan.

VIDEO: Tire Over-Inflation At The Pump?

Andrew Markel discusses how over-inflation may be caused by air pumps at gas stations. Sponsored by Bartec USA.

VIDEO: The Integrated Tire Shop

Andrew Markel explains the integrated approach to tire service, and the importance of making TPMS data transfer more efficient. Sponsored by Bartec USA.

VIDEO: Replacing TPMS Components Along With The Tire

Andrew Markel explains the importance of replacing TPMS components along with any tire replacement to the integrity and safety of the vehicle. Sponsored by ATEQ.

VIDEO: Determining Suspension Issues From Reading Tread Depth

You can scan an engine for problems, but can you scan a tire? Andrew Markel shows how measuring tread depth can reveal several conditions of suspension and inflation. Sponsored by ATEQ.