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The Importance Of Tire Design On Traction And Braking – Part 2

In tire development, traction and braking performance are probably the most important aspects engineers consider.

Tire Tread Life An Important Decision For Safety, Satisfaction

The right tread characteristics can be the difference between a satisfied customer and a dissatisfied one.

Coats Introduces New Tread Depth Scanner

The Tread Depth Scanner instantly generates a visual selling tool to show customers.

VIDEO: Determining Suspension Issues From Reading Tread Depth

You can scan an engine for problems, but can you scan a tire? Andrew Markel shows how measuring tread depth can reveal several conditions of suspension and inflation. Sponsored by ATEQ.

Hunter Releases New Quick Tread Console For Automatic Inspection Technology

Approximately 25% of all customer tires are in need of immediate replacement or will need to be replaced soon. By auditing every vehicle and presenting timely, informative tire offers, shops are able to dramatically increasing customer tire sales.

Hunter Quick Tread Console Measures Tire Tread Depth In Seconds

The new, compact console allows shops to set up the Quick Tread system virtually anywhere in or nearby the service drive to save space.