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Autologue Gives Back

A customer appreciation drawing will give away a 2021 Tesla or $35,000 in cash.

Tesla Model S Suspension

For any electric vehicle, the alignment not only protects the tires it helps to increase the range.

Rich Rebuilds Discusses EV Brake Pads

In 2019, Elon Musk made a claim that Tesla Owners will never need to replace their brake pads because most of the stopping is performed using regenerative braking.

GSP North America Announces New Tesla Part Numbers

The seven new Tesla part numbers are in stock and ready to ship.

NRS Brakes Unveils EV Brake Pad For Tesla Model 3

A brake pad specifically engineered for electric vehicles.

Tesla Model S Brake Job

If you’re servicing the brakes or suspension system, you do not need fancy orange gloves or insulated tools.

Viewpoint: Tesla’s Answer To The Technician Shortage

The requirements for the START program are high. A candidate should already have an automotive associate degree or post-secondary education, or relevant work experience. The program also specifies that the candidate should have a strong electrical background.

Is The Aftermarket Or Auto Care Industry The Underdogs Of The American Economy? Or, Are We The Foundation?

The aftermarket is changing and is being forced to keep pace with evolving technology and consumer tastes. It is a fearless industry that is not afraid to service vehicles that are two or 20 years old, and it is one that is not afraid to find new ways to retain old customers and attract new ones. In all, the auto care industry adapts more efficiently and faster than any other.