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Making The RRRight Decision: Buying A New Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Buying a new refrigerant Recovery/Recycle/Recharge machine can be a bit overwhelming. The item is expensive and complicated, and there are a lot of choices out there. Each manufacturer has a compelling story to tell about why its machine is the only logical choice. Hopefully the following article will help you make a good decision for your particular needs.

Researching Online, But Buying ‘Local’

The Automotive Aftermarket Industry ­Association (AAIA) recently conducted a survey to gain insight into the purchasing decisions of automotive repair professionals. The association’s 2013 Digital Tool & Equipment Purchasing Trends report explores use of the Internet when purchasing new tools and equipment. Some TechShop readers were asked to complete this survey, and if you did,

Tool Tip: General Practices When Using Refrigerant Leak Detection Dye or an Electronic Leak Detector

Leak Detection Dye 1. Operate the vehicle for a minimum of 20 minutes with the compressor running to circulate the leak detection dye throughout the air conditioning system. For passive or intermittent leaks, it may take longer than 20 minutes for the dye to find the leak and be visible during the inspection. 2. Use

Top 5 Tools: Daniel Lee Foster, Foster’s Auto Service

The Top 5 Favorite Tools of Top Technicians

Top 5 Tools: Jeff Deru, Meridian St. Automotive

The Top 5 Favorite Tools of Top Technicians

Top 5 Tools: James Rosson, Rosson Radiator A/C Repair Shop

The Top 5 Favorite Tools of Top Technicians

Tool Tip: White Smoke Blowing from Tailpipe

A classic sign of a head gasket problem is when the vehicle is blowing white smoke from the tailpipe. This indicates that water/coolant is entering the combustion chamber and is then burnt off as steam through the exhaust. The white “smoke” is water vapor as the steam condenses when it hits the colder atmosphere. With

SafeShop: Study Says Laundered Reusable Shop Towels Pose No Health Risk to Workers

Scientific study refutes claims of health risk by disposables industry.

Top 5 Tools: Phillip Craig, His Auto Repair

The country’s top technicians tell you which five automotive tools help them the most.

Top 5 Tools: Chuck Beasley, Brent Darroch Motorsports

The country’s top technicians tell you which five automotive tools help them the most.

Lifts: Raising Vehicles And Expectations

Are you planning to purchase a vehicle lift soon? With many options to choose from, selecting the right vehicle lift for your shop can require a bit of research.

Pulling Codes: The Variables Of Cam Timing – No Code Analysis

Carlton Banks investigates a no-code analysis for a variable cam timing (VCT) system issue involving multiple misfires. The subject vehicle is a 2005 Ford F-150 Super Duty and has a 5.4L engine with three valves per cylinder. The engine starts and runs; the idle quality is very poor; and cylinders 2, 3 and 4 have misfire activity.