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Maximizing Tools: Unconventional Diagnostic Methods, Part I

Explore some unconventional uses of a digital multimeter that will allow you to diagnose problems without a significant investment of time and effort.

Top 5 Tools: Rick Ambrose

The Top 5 Favorite Tools of Top Technicians

Top 5 Tools: Todd Frisbie

The Top 5 Favorite Tools of Top Technicians

Using Fuel System Testers To Diagnose Driveability Concerns

Shop owner and automotive trainer Karl Schneider helps you fix driveability concerns, focusing on loss-of-power issues on vehicles with an electric return fuel system.

Guest Editorial: Buying Counterfeit Scan Tools Goes Way Beyond Just ‘Buyer Beware’

Our business is serious, and we have a high expectation of quality along with a parallel expectation of support for the tool we will depend on. When the counterfeit tool fails, we lose productivity. When the counterfeit tool turns the ECM to a brick, we lose money.

Top 5 Tools: Brad Thiem, Thiem Automotive

The Top 5 Favorite Tools of Top Technicians

Top 5 Tools: Dave Patterson, St. Louis Airport Authority Auto Shop

The Top 5 Favorite Tools of Top Technicians

Top 5 Tools: Dave Obermeyer, Obermeyer’s 41 Autobody

The Top 5 Favorite Tools of Top Technicians

Point Of View: Download The New Media Experience

Well, if you have not heard yet or have not had the opportunity to read some of our other publications, now is your opportunity to learn about our new piece of technology that is changing the world of print as we know it!

Pulling Codes – A Hybrid Story: The Story Of P1A10

This article documents the code P1A10-Hybrid Powertrain Control Module-Battery Disabled found on a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid 2.3L. Code P1A10 involves a possible interlock problem with the system. Our subject vehicle was a former police vehicle purchased at an auction – for $1! – in very poor condition. It does not run or power up, and both cluster displays are blank.

10 Cordless Tool Myths

The myth that cordless tools are not as powerful as air tools is false for the majority of cordless tool categories. Most cordless tools are just as powerful as air or corded tools. Compare the specs; you might be surprised! Take impact wrenches for example, apples-to-apples, some professional cordless tools can match and exceed maximum or break away torque of similar 3/8″ or 1/2″ air impacts. Check the specs.

Collaboration Is The Key To Improving Aftermarket/OEM Partnerships

The TechShop team recently attended the Equipment & Tool Institute’s ToolTech. The annual event brings representatives from across the aftermarket industry together with the OEMs to share their insights and concerns about the future of the aftermarket.