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Servicing Brakes: I’ve Finally Found My Match!

Faster and lighter-weight components can lead to vibrations that increase from the smallest amount of lateral run-out. Karl Schneider takes us through the equipment and tools that will help prevent brake repair comebacks, ensuring customers are satisfied when braking for thousands of miles.

Maximizing Tools: Unconventional Diagnostic Methods, Part III

By thinking “outside the box” and using our tools to their fullest potential, we can diagnose more of the perplexing problems without spending an undue amount of time on them. In this article, our writers conclude this popular three-part series of Unconventional Diagnostic Methods, with more time-saving techniques.

Pulling Codes: Advanced Misfire and Fuel Trim Analysis — A P030X Detailed Analysis

Carlton Banks documents the use of fuel trims and oxygen sensor behavior to determine if the misfire activity is ignition, engine mechanical or fuel related.

Congratulations to the 11 Winning Companies of the TechShop 2013 Top 5 Tools Award!

TechShop — Equipment, Tools & Supplies magazine has announced the winners of its 2013 Top 5 Tools Award. Eleven manufacturers were awarded this year’s honor.

TechShop Is Getting ‘Switched On’ and Launches Tool Connect New Equipment & Tools E-Newsletter

Motivational speaker Chip Eichelberger’s enthusiastic presentation had the whole company motivated to look at the direction our lives are going, and figure out how to make ourselves more valuable — to our families, our careers, our customers and ourselves.

Top TPMS Tools for Under $250

When even tire irons are being designed to be TPMS sensor friendly, advice on TPMS tools may be welcomed. Andrew Markel, editor of Underhood Service and Brake & Front End, offers his take on what to look for when purchasing new tools.

Maximizing Tools: Unconventional Diagnostic Methods, Part II

In this second installment, Riverland Technical and Community College Instructors Olle Gladso, Vladimir Postolovskyi and Andrew Bezhanov provide more unconventional diagnostic procedures to try with your digital mulitmeter.

Top 5 Tools: Paul Brow, All Car Specialists, Inc. San Gabriel, CA

Identifix, Vantage Pro and The Hook make Paul Brow’s Top 5 Tool list.

Don’t ‘Air’ with Your Compressor

Contributing writer Curt Harler provides an update on air compressor technology and basic maintenance tips to keep yours running efficiently.

Pulling Codes: A Mercedes-Benz Story – A P0300 Analysis Using Exhaust Waveforms

This article will document the P0300 code for a 1996 Mercedes-Benz. A single cylinder misfire has occurred, and the technician decides to clear the code in my presence. I advised that it is a good strategy to maintain the code information for review. It’s clear that misfire activity can be challenging on some ignition systems, and I’ve found through my research that all of the car manufacturers appear to run their monitors in a similar fashion, but it’s still wise to review their service information for the differences and details of their systems.

Top 5 Tools: Jason Castorano, The Car Doctor, Centereach, NY

AIRCAT and SK Hand Tools wrenches top Jason’s favorite tool list.

Mac Tools And Kalitta Motorsports Partner To Make ‘Top Fuel Tested And Approved’ Tools for Technicians

Mac Tools has partnered with the Kalitta Motorsports’ NHRA teams to implement its new Top Fuel Tested and Approved program.