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A guide to replacing a wheel hub flange and bearing

When replacing a press type wheel bearing and hub flange, it’s important that all the wheel-end parts work together properly after reassembly.

SKF Tech Tip: Replacing A Wheel Hub Flange, Bearing Guide

When replacing a press-type wheel bearing and hub flange, it’s important that all the wheel-end parts work together properly after reassembly.

SKF Extends Its Line Of Knuckle Assemblies To Include 2002-2006 Nissan Altima 3.5L

SKF knuckle assemblies are designed to facilitate replacement of first-generation wheel bearings by eliminating the need for press work and special tools. They are preassembled and are ready to be bolted on for installation out of the package.

SKF Launches New Website

The new website features installation and product videos throughout, along with a detailed literature section providing access to product sell sheets, installation instructions and technical tips.

SKF To Showcase Latest Vehicle Solutions At 2017 AAPEX Show

In addition, master technician Bogi Lateiner, the star of Velocity’s “All Girls Garage,” will make an appearance at SKF’s booth on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

SKF To Provide Product And Technical Support To Bogi For Chevy Montage Rebuild

Bogi will be completing the Chevy Montage project with a team of all females.

SKF To Showcase Its Latest Vehicle Solutions At AAPEX 2016

SKF will have its latest innovations on display with detailed cutaways of hub bearings, u-joints, seals and more.

‘Two Guys Garage’ Features SKF U-Joints In A Recent Episode

Hosts Kevin Byrd and Willie B replaced a U-joint on a pickup truck, while highlighting the features and benefits of the SKF Brute Force U-joint.

New U-Joint Catalog Complements Launch Of Expanded U-Joint Offering From SKF

The SKF U-joint catalog provides detailed line drawings indicating U-joint locations for rear-wheel drive passenger cars; 2-wheel drive cars, light and medium duty trucks; and 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive cars, light and medium duty trucks. It also provides application listings for passenger cars, light and medium duty trucks, as well as heavy duty trucks.

SKF Offers Automotive Training Videos At

SKF has added eight short automotive training videos to its YouTube channel, providing technicians with quick online training for wheel end bearings and seals. All eight videos in the playlist make up a complete training course and include a short quiz at the end of each section, recapping key points of the video.

SKF Adds Wheel End Training Videos To

SKF has expanded its YouTube channel to include heavy-duty wheel end training videos designed around the SKF Trouble-Free Operation (TFO) Program, which provides a proven systems approach to proper wheel end maintenance.

SKF Training Trucks Visit More Than 100,000 Techs Across North America

SKF training trucks have now interacted with more than 100,000 professional technicians across North America, according to the company. SKF launched its training truck program in 2010 to create a one-on-one educational experience with automotive and heavy-duty technicians.