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PRT Launches North American Heavy-Duty Program

The company says PRT heavy-duty shocks are produced under strict OE-quality processes required by truck makers.

VIDEO: Loaded Options For Suspension

Loaded struts are struts that come pre-assembled and ready to install. This video is sponsored by The Network Academy.

Can Tires Sell Shocks And Struts?

Customers may lie about maintenance practices, but the tires tell a different story.

PRT Shocks, Struts Now Available In US

PRT products provide for quick installation and greater customer satisfaction, said the company.

VIDEO: Inspecting Shocks And Struts For Leaks And Damage

Andrew Markel covers Nissan TSB NTB99-057d on the inspection of shocks and struts. This TSB gives definitive guidelines on what is normal and what’s abnormal when it come to leaking fluid. Sponsored by Nissan.

Active Suspension Systems: Diagnosing Electronic Shocks And Struts

We’ve all heard the term “Active Suspension,” but a shock or strut doesn’t really go anywhere – so what makes it “active?” To meet the criteria for active, a shock or strut must be able to react to three critical streams of information.

VIDEO: What Happens When Shocks And Struts Lose Their Oil And Gas

What wears out on a shock or strut is the fluid and gas inside and the seals that keep the ingredients inside. Andrew Markel explores how the fluid and gas can escape and what happens to the stability of the vehicle. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: Reading Tire Wear To Diagnose Suspension Issues

Andrew Markel discusses how certain tire wear patterns can tell you the condition of the shocks, struts and springs on a vehicle. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: Recommending Suspension Conversion Kits

Andrew Markel discusses options to replace suspension components on vehicles with advanced systems, including using a conversion kit. Sponsored by Monroe Shocks & Struts.

VIDEO: Dynamic vs. Static Ride Height

Andrew Markel details the process of checking for dynamic ride height, and its differences from static ride height. Sponsored by Monroe Shocks & Struts.

VIDEO: Two Tips For Installing Loaded Struts

Andrew Markel presents two tips for installing loaded struts to make your next installation a breeze. Sponsored by Monroe Shocks & Struts.

Symptoms Of Failing Shocks And Struts You Can Feel And Hear

The vast majority of drivers rely on their senses to tell them when it’s time for service. And there are few vehicle components that give off more physical warning signs that service is needed than shocks and struts.