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Specific hardware does not do its job if it is left in the box.

VIDEO: How Do Brake Pad Shims Work?

Brake pad shims create a barrier between the brake pad and caliper. This video is sponsored by ADVICS.

Finding, Fixing Runout and Disc Thickness Variation

Now that the warped rotor myth is busted, and we’re not just replacing the rotor and moving on, what are we doing instead? Measuring runout First, check for rotor surface runout with the wheel mounted. Components should be marked as you perform an inspection of the assembly. By measuring the rotor on the hub, you

on the car brake lathe
Brake Shims Provide Noise Control And Prevent Comebacks

The first thing to remember is that all brakes make noise. When the friction material makes contact with the rotor, the coupling causes the brake pad and rotor to oscillate and vibrate. In engineering terms, this is called “force coupled excitation,” which means that the components are locked as a combined system that will vibrate

Worn Brake Shim