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Tech Tip: Follow These Steps Prior to Replacing Kia’s Catalytic Converter After Finding DTC P0422

Kia’s OBD II engine management systems use dual oxygen sensors, which among other things allow monitoring of the efficiency of the Manifold Catalytic Converter (MCC), also referred to as the “warmup” cat. Some technicians who retrieve DTC P0422 – Main Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1) mistakenly replace the catalytic converter under the floor of the vehicle (possibly because the converter under the car has been referred to as the “main” catalyst). This leads to repeat repairs, unnecessary expense and customer dissatisfaction.

Tech Feature: Courage Under Misfire

Generally, when a customer brings a vehicle into a shop that has a misfire concern, they will describe it as bucking, jerking or loss of power. They also may describe it, depending on the cause, as a jerking when they take off from a start, but smoothes out once the vehicle gets moving. They may tell you the check engine light has been flashing.

Crankshaft and Camshaft Position Sensor Diagnosis

Nothing is more frustrating than diagnosing an intermittent cranking, no-start complaint with no diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and no apparent failure pattern. Much of the time, the cranking, no-start complaint lies with a failing crankshaft or camshaft position sensor. Many of these failures can be heat-related and might require several warm-up cycles to duplicate.

Tech Feature: The Changing Face of Automatic Transmissions

Today’s computer systems have completely redefined automotive operation, particularly when it comes to transmission control.

Tech Tip: Saturn Crankshaft Position Relearn/Adaptives Reset Procedure

You may see a tell-tale service light flashes after replacement of the ECC on 1996 and newer Saturn vehicles. When this occurs, a Crankshaft Adaptives Reset Procedure and Crankshaft Position Relearn Procedure (Flash) must be performed.

Mitch Schneider: At Any Rate…

I was out of the shop all day Thursday and most of Friday. Realistically, coming in just before three on a Friday afternoon didn’t seem to make much sense, but there was a “big job” that just “had to go out” – a project car with lots of hours. It seems like there is always a big job with lots of hours that just has to go out. So, let’s just say that going back to the shop on a Friday afternoon after being gone for a day-and-a-half wasn’t a first-choice option! Nevertheless, I found myself sitting at my desk at a quarter to three, drowning in a sea of unopened mail.

Tech Tip: Ford Truck No-Start Following CKP Replacement

After replacing the Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP) and/or connector to correct another problem, the engine turns over, but does not start. The fuel injectors pulse a couple of times when the engine starts cranking, then they stop pulsing. There is an rpm reading on the scan data for a split second, then it goes to zero. There is no spark.