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High-Performance Brake Pads

Friction and Fiction “I would like a more aggressive or high-performance brake pad.” If you work at a typical shop you will hear this statement at least once a week. It is a complex request that requires a line of questioning to flush out what the customer wants, needs and expects. “Aggressive”, “high performance” and

Slotted and Drilled Rotors: Show or Slow?

You’ve seen them on the race track. You’ve seen them on the street. You’ve seen them in speed shops, in magazine ads, online and probably on eBay, too. The product we’re talking about is slotted and/or cross-drilled high performance brake rotors. They look great, no doubt about it. Performance rotors are an excellent upgrade for

How Much Maintenance

How much maintenance is really necessary to keep a vehicle in good, running condition, safe and reliable? It’s a controversial subject for which there is no simple answer. Maintenance recommendations and requirements vary depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle, the type of driving it undergoes, the environment in which it operates,

Mileage Maintenance

A mere 0.7 of a mile does not sound like much, it is about 3,700 feet, or less than one-third the distance around Daytona International Speedway. On average, the U.S. population of vehicles will get 20 miles per gallon (including light trucks and passenger vehicles). A 0.7 of a mile improvement represents only a 3.5

Oil Change Intervals

Oil Change Intervals

Seasonal Service

It’s that time of year again. Time to start promoting seasonal service checks. So before family hits the road for vacation with gas possibly hitting $3 per gallon, here are some service items that should be checked. TIRES Tires obviously play a very important role in safe driving because of their affect on traction, handling

Improving Handling with Shock, Strut and Other Upgrades

Handling means different things to different types of drivers. To most people, a vehicle that handles well is stable and predictable. In other words, there are no surprises and the suspension meets the driver’s expectations for normal everyday driving. Whether the stock suspension and shocks are up to the task depends on the vehicle, how

Medium-Duty Truck Clutch Repair

What is a medium-duty truck? The industry defines it as a vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight of 14,000 to 26,000 lbs. At 14,000 lbs., most heavy-duty one-ton trucks qualify as a medium duty vehicle. In light- and medium-duty trucks, the automatic transmission is ever increasing in popularity and numbers. So why am I talking

Missed Services

Uncovering missed service can bring an instant profit, while at the same time resulting in customer gratification. Unfortunately, some services are often overlooked in our daily routine. It’s easy to gain tunnel vision in this business, only fixing what the car came in for, while ignoring the rest of the vehicle. Whether it’s because of