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Measuring Maintenance Service Against The Competition

How well are you capturing the necessary maintenance work on each vehicle that arrives at your shop each day? Each week? Maybe you are quick to point out a dirty air filter, but gloss over those worn out wiper blades. It pays to keep track of each maintenance task for each vehicle you work on and notice trends over time. But even then, how many maintenance tasks should you expect to see each day? And, maybe more

Goodyear Shifts Market with Ultra Grip Winter

Looking to build its winter tire business, Goodyear has launched the Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter, targeting the “mid-lower” portion of the tiremaker’s retail product screen.

Pirelli Previews Scorpion Winter SUV/CUV Tire

According to Pirelli, its new Scorpion Winter tire, designed for high-performance SUVs and crossover vehicles, features improved safety under braking and cornering while offering “the same standards of comfort, reliability and handling that was previously only available on sports cars.”

AWD Tire Rotation

Intuitively, one would think that an AWD vehicle would not require regular tire rotations because power is constantly directed to all tires; therefore, all of the tires would wear at the same rate. That is the thought lingering in the minds of some AWD vehicle owners. But when it comes down to it, tire rotation

Even AWD Vehicles Require Regular Tire Rotations

Intuitively, one would think an AWD vehicle would not require regular tire rotations because power is constantly directed to all tires; therefore, all of the tires would wear at the same rate. But when it comes down to it, tire rotation is the second most important maintenance item that can be done to maximize tire life, and this pertains to AWD vehicles, as well.

Tools and Tips For Selling More Winter Tires

Tire dealers in cold climates understand that when temp

Tech Feature: GM Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

GM TPMS systems on Buick, Pontiac, Chevy (Chevrolet), GMC Cadillac and Hummer models are some of the easiest to service if you have the right tools and knowledge. Starting in 2007, most vehicles use a Schrader- or VDO-manufactured system that shares the same relearn procedures and behaviors. There are exceptions, like the Pontiac Vibe.

With Changing Technology, OE Focus, Do Old Winter Tire ‘Standards’ Need Updating?

What exactly is a “winter tire?” The answer is much more complicated than you might think, and begs even more questions. Like: When is a “winter tire” not a “winter tire?” Or: What makes an “all-season tire” an “all-season tire?” These questions lead directly to the concept of providing consumers with a proper and correct tire that will allow them to safely navigate harsh winter road conditions.

New Online Winter Driving Lessons from Michelin

Michelin Canada has launched a new online Winter Driving Academy, offering tire selection and driving tips.

Tech Tip: Adding a Fluid Flush Can Boost a Shop’s Average Repair Order

Many shops are recovering revenues lost to a shrinking repair market by "upselling" fluid maintenance services or, as they’re commonly called in the aftermarket, "fluid flushes." In other words, adding a fluid flush to a money-losing routine oil change can boost a shop’s average repair order amount into the range needed for true profitability ….

Selling Services…Fitment Blues: Solving Aftermarket Wheel Problems

Aftermarket wheel installation requires much more than just placing the wheel on the hub and tightening the lug nuts. It involves a great deal of knowledge and expertise that, admittedly, very few people have. Here is just one scenario that may help you avoid or diagnose a problem. Case Study A customer complains that his

Selling Services: Marketing Nitrogen to Your Customers

What’s wrong with air? Like a slumbering giant, the passenger and light truck tire industry is slow to evolve and slower to accept new products and ways of thinking. Take the current buzzword going around: nitrogen. That inert gas has the industry and, as I found out, consumers, in an uproar about who and what