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Mobile ADAS Calibration

I am convinced that this is the only way for the industry to keep moving forward.

TPMS Tips And Tricks For Relearn Procedures

There are a few things you can do to ensure the TPMS relearning process is as efficient as possible.

VIDEO: TPMS Relearns: It’s Not About Location, It’s About Pressure

Andrew Markel discusses TPMS relearns, and how this procedure should always be performed along with a tire rotation to ensure customer satisfaction. Sponsored by Bartec USA.

VIDEO: OBD2 TPMS Relearn Advantages

Andrew Markel discusses TPMS relearn through the OBD2 port, and its advantages over some of the mechanical methods elsewhere on the vehicles. Sponsored by Bartec.

Top Tire TPMS Tips For Relearns And Diagnostics

The command to turn on the TPMS light might go through an ABS, keyless entry or other module that acts as a gateway.

TPMS Procedures On Domestic Vehicles

From 2006-’09, Ford used banded sensors that are mounted in the center of the rim, 180º from the valve stem. In 2010, Ford reverted to the valve stem mounted sensors. Some replacement sensor suppliers have snap-in sensors that can eliminate the need for a banded sensor.

VIDEO: The Difference Between TPMS Relearns

Andrew Markel explains difference between three TPMS relearn methods, and which method is the easiest and most efficient to perform. Sponsored by ATEQ.

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Decoding the TPMS Wireless Signal

In order to properly service a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), you must first understand the functionality of the system’s wireless signal. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there about the TPMS wireless signal, which could get in the way of your diagnostics and your ability to sell TPMS service. For example, Googling

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