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Check the Label Before Replacing A/C Refrigerant

Never attempt to service a car’s air conditioning system without first checking the SAE J639 sticker.

Never Flush A Parallel-Flow A/C Condenser (VIDEO)

Today’s condensers are efficient & vulnerable for the same reason. This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

Are Your Customers’ A/C Systems Facing ‘Black Death?’ (VIDEO)

Compressor oil contaminated with iron particles means moisture is in the system. Sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

Help Customers Understand A/C Issues Even In Winter (VIDEO)

Drivers don’t know refrigerants – make sure you do. This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

R1234yf: Smaller Footprint, New Diagnostics

The benefit of R1234yf is simple. The new refrigerant lasts only 11 days in the atmosphere compared to 13 years for R134a. This is why the EPA is requiring R1234yf to be installed in all new systems by 2021.

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Tech Tip: Pinpointing Refrigerant Leaks on Today’s Vehicles

When a customer’s A/C system isn’t cooling well and the refrigerant charge is low, you know the system is leaking. The question is where? Fluorescent leak detection dyes are popular because they’re easy and inexpensive to use. All you need is a bottle of dye or refrigerant that has already had dye added to it.