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Vehicle Alignment Spec: 2002-2010 Jeep Liberty

Overall, the 2002-2010 Jeep Liberty is an easy vehicle to align. But, you have to pay attention during the initial inspection.

Toyota RAV4 Alignment

If you get a Toyota RAV4 in your shop, it is what you do after you adjust the angles that can make or break the alignment. Keep reading for details.

2000-2010 Ford Focus Alignment Specs

The 2000-2010 Ford Focus is one of the most common cars on the road. Proper alignment of this vehicle takes knowledge of common problems with the platform to avoid premature tire wear.

Independent Rear Suspension Theory

Independent rear suspensions are becoming the norm on cars and SUVs of all sizes. The two main advantages of ­independent rear suspension are ride and handling. When you’re looking up at one of these from under a lift, keep in mind that alignment angles and the ­condition of the suspension are all connected in order

how independent rear suspension works