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VIDEO: Do I Need A Scan Tool To Replace The Rear Brake Pads?

Find out the importance of using the tool to adjust the parking brake after replacement. This video is sponsored by ADVICS.

Ford Edge Brake Replacement

Protect the caliper piston and boots when pushing the caliper piston into the bores. Make sure that the caliper guide pin boots are fully seated, or damage to the caliper guide could occur. The guide pin bolts are different sizes. The longer/bigger bolt is the upper guide pin bolt. Position the brake caliper and install the guide pin bolts. Tighten to 88 Nm (65 ft. lb).

2011 Chevy Sonic Brake Job

The Chevy Sonic is GM’s compact car that took over where the Aveo left off. Redesigned in 2011, the Sonic uses front discs and rear drums and comes with ABS and stability control standard. The system has had few complaints or TSBs issued. Servicing the brakes is straightforward and does not require any special tools except a scan tool to bleed the ABS modulator.