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Selling Services: Cooling System Colors

All types of antifreeze contain corrosion-inhibiting chemicals to protect bare metal surfaces from electrolytic attack. Though automakers disagree on which chemical additives work best in their vehicles, essentially any kind of antifreeze will work in any vehicle. But how well will it protect the cooling system? And for how long? And will it void the

Diagnostic Solutions: Profitable Radiator Service…Targeted Troubleshooting Procedures Are a Must

Unlike their soldered-brass predecessors, today’s aluminum-core, plastic-tank radiators are not only environmentally friendly, they are lightweight, easy to service, less costly to produce, and very efficient at keeping modern, high-output engines operating at optimum temperature. Because of their affordability and because they can be inspected while removed for a timing belt replacement or other front-mounted

Temperature Control Essentials: Pinpointing the Causes of Cooling System Failures

Managing heat is definitely a hot job these days. The cooling systems in most late-model import passenger cars have been downsized to reduce weight and bulk. At the same time, most new cars and trucks are now factory equipped with air conditioning, which puts an added strain on the cooling system’s ability to manage heat.