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VIDEO: ABS Pressure Transducer Diagnosis

Jason Stahl discusses the function of pressure transducers, and how its failure can affect the ABS system, including the HCU. Sponsored by Standard.

VIDEO: TPMS Relearns: It’s Not About Location, It’s About Pressure

Andrew Markel discusses TPMS relearns, and how this procedure should always be performed along with a tire rotation to ensure customer satisfaction. Sponsored by Bartec USA.

VIDEO: Adjusting Placard Pressure For The Right Reasons

Andrew Markel explains the right and wrong reasons to change the placard inflation pressure, and how to use a TPMS tool to perform the procedure. Sponsored by Bartec USA.

Brakelights: Foam Means Fade (June 1961)

Shocks fading on vehicles was a big safety concern before gas charged shocks in the 1970s. On bumpy roads, old shocks would heat up the fluid, causing bubbles to form in the fluid. This would cause the piston to cavitate and the shock to fade. Often, the car would lose control. Sometimes, if the fade was bad enough, the shock would puke fluid out of the top seal. Gas charging of shocks changed this because the fluid was now under pressure, much like an unopened beer can.