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CRC Parts Washer Cleans Without Harmful Solvents

Naturally occurring microorganisms break down and convert oil, grease and carbon-based contaminants into water and CO2.

Renegade Introduces Model TMB 2614 Top Load Turntable Automatic Parts Washer

A 26-inch heavy-duty gear-driven turntable combined with strategically-placed spray nozzles in a 14-inch working height clean parts of grease, oil or lubricants in a high temperature and high-pressure environment, the company says.

Renegade Introduces Automatic Top-Load, Solvent-Free Parts Washer

The Renegade Model TMB-5500 Parts Washer Solvent-Free System functions like a dishwasher to clean a broad range of parts and components covered with grease, oil or lubricants.