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The New Oil Change

The basics of an oil change are still the same even after 80 years. The service typically involves draining the oil, replacing the filter and pouring in fresh oil. But in the past 20 years, the oil change has evolved, and to do it right requires extra steps and more information. The main changes to

How Comfortable Are You with Oil Changes?

Most shops are comfortable with performing an oil change. But what can make a shop uncomfortable is recommending, upselling and promoting oil changes. The oil change is the most performed service at all shops. For the 276 million vehicles registered in the United States, it’s estimated each vehicle will receive an average of two oil

VIDEO: Oil Extractors – From DIY To Required

Oil extractors can be great tools for some vehicles, but not all. This video is sponsored by Auto Value & Bumper To Bumper.

VIDEO: Lack Of Oil Attention Can Kill VVT Systems

VVT systems need proper oil maintenance. This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

VIDEO: How Are Oil And Filter Intervals Calculated?

Engineers ensure the engine, filter and oil match the mileage for the oil change interval. This video is sponsored by FRAM.