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VIDEO: What Else Should Be Replaced With The Strut?

Complete a thorough inspection to increase profitability. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Autel Introduces A New ADAS Product

The MA600 Mounting Plate Package consists of a mounting bracket, mounting plate, mounting adapter and laser adapter plate.

WATCH: What Is The Fluid Inside A Bushing Or Motor Mount?

In this Tech Minute, Andrew Markel discusses suspension bushings and motor mounts, and the nature of the non-oil fluid that aids their function. Brought to you by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Are You Chasing Weights?

It has happened to all tire techs, probably more than once. You balance a tire, put the weights on, drop the hood again for a check spin — and the balancer comes up asking for more weight. Fine. You add more weight, drop the hood and…it asks for even more weights?! This little play is

chasing weights tires
Diagnosing And Servicing Active Motor Mounts

For many years, auto makers relied on solid rubber motor mounts to support the engine. The natural flexibility in rubber allows the mounts to absorb vibration. However, if the rubber is too compliant, the engine may experience excessive motion under load that could stress and crack exhaust pipes and connections. And with such tight clearances under the hood, there’s a risk of something rubbing against something else and causing additional noise or problems. So the rubber in the mounts has to be relatively stiff to limit compliance so the engine does not rock excessively when it is under load.

Myers Tire Supply Catalog Available In Print And On The Web

As an industry leader with products for servicing tire pressure monitoring systems, Myers Tire Supply is expanding the line to include the DVT pre-programmed sensors. The DVT sensors with dual valve technology allow the use of either a rubber snap-in or metal clamp-in valve on all sensors within the line. Dealers can cover 80 percent of all vehicles on the market with only six sensors. Sensors are ready to use right out of the box and do not require programming.

Using A Torque Wrench Can Prevent Comebacks

It’s not difficult to torque wheel fasteners properly, but it’s not difficult to foul up the job, either. We’re not using double talk here; we’re shootin’ straight from the hip. The easy part of proper wheel fastener torquing is knowing the vehicle manufacturer torque specifications for a particular passenger car, light truck or medium truck, and following those instructions to the letter.

TIRE MOUNTING MISCUES Cautionary Tales From a Self-Proclaimed Non-Expert

I claim expertise in many areas, including high-performance driving, tire safety, vehicle dynamics, diaper changing and calling in wild turkeys. Mounting tires on wheels is not on that list.
My only wisdom about tire mounting will be…

Wisconsin Lawmakers Consider Lead Weight Ban

The state of Wisconsin is considering a ban on all lead wheel weights. Assembly Bill 483, introduced on Jan. 24, would ban the sale and installation of all lead wheel weights. The bill is currently sitting in the state assembly’s transportation committee for consideration.

Court Verdict Will Forever Shine Bright Light on Tire Repair Practices

It is Everyone, Somebody or the Other Guy – often despite tons of contrary information. Thus it is with January’s $22.8 million court verdict over a faulty tire repair. Earlier this year a San Diego jury awarded $14.5 million to the three children of a couple who were killed in a July 2006 accident caused by an improperly performed tire repair.

Myers Industries Launches New Corporate Website and Facebook Page

Myers Industries has announced the launch of its new corporate website as well as its new Facebook page. Myers says the new site design features clean, concise, easy-to-navigate pages, with colorful photos to highlight products and businesses while painting a clear picture of the Myers Industries story

TECH TIP: GM: Tire Slowly Goes Flat/TPMS Light

Some customers may comment on a tire that slowly loses air pressure over a period of days or weeks. Abrasive elements in the environment may intrude between the tire and wheel at the bead seat. There is always some relative motion between the tire and wheel (when the vehicle is driven) and this motion may cause the abrasive particles to wear the wheel and tire materials.