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Mercedes 4MATIC Diagnostics

The Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC all-wheel drive (AWD) systems have been around for a while now.

Mercedes Airmatic Suspensions

Diagnostic tips to aid your repair efforts.

Mercedes-Benz Air Suspension

Here are some tips and tricks to follow on how to diagnose and repair these systems for your customers.

Mercedes-Benz Hydraulic Suspension Evolution

Do’s, Don’ts and Did You Knows about Mercedes-Benz’s diverse hydraulic suspension systems.

Understanding Mercedes-Benz Tire Pressure

Mercedes-Benz makes the assumption that in the U.S. we adjust our pressure for the number of people and intended speed.

Brake Maintenance: Dodge/Mercedes-Benz/Freightliner Sprinter Van

There are two generations of the Sprinter. The 2000-2006 models comprised the first generation of the vehicle and in 2007, Dodge redesigned the Sprinter. Both generations have similar caliper setups, with the front brakes featuring dual piston floating calipers.

Mercedes-Benz Tech Tip: Clunking Noises Heard During Acceleration And Throttle Lift Off

Mercedes-Benz owners may complain of a single throttle lift-off clunking noise from the side shaft when first taking off (audible at the outboard end). Also, the clunk is heard once when changing from forward to reverse.

AIRMATIC Suspension Solutions: Diagnostic Tips To Aid Your Repair Efforts

The Mercedes-Benz AIRMATIC suspension system was introduced in 1999 on the S-Class and has subsequently been used on the E-Class and most of the automaker’s SUVs. Keep reading for some key tips for common ailments to help you effectively get the system on these popular models in top-running condition.

Composite And Floating Rotors: Going Big And Going Light

When you hear the words “floating rotor,” you might think of a racecar brake rotor with Allen head bolts holding the hat to the outer ring. But, more economical and robust “semi-floating” rotors have made it onto Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz daily drivers.

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JASPER Offers G56 And NSG370 Standard Transmissions

Jasper Engines & Transmissions has announced the release of additional stock numbers to its remanufactured transmission product line.

Mercedes-Benz TPMS Service

On different Mercedes-Benz models, you will see two types of TPMS systems. Low-line systems do not display individual tire pressures. These systems just monitor inflation and alert the driver if there is an underinflation or overinflation problem with one antenna. Mid-line systems display the individual pressures, and some systems have four antennas mounted near the wheel wells.

Mercedes-Benz Hydraulic Suspension: Dos, Don’ts And Did-You-Knows

It doesn’t seem that long ago when the closest we came to any kind of active suspension on a Mercedes-Benz was the self-leveling rear suspension systems on the station wagons and 560 models (SEL sedan and the SEC coupe). Of course, there were some exceptions – European models and the 450SEL 6.9 starting in the late ’70s were available with hydraulic suspension at all four corners.

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