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Mayhew Introduces New Screw Pliers

Made from industrial quality tool steel, these heavy-duty 8-in. pliers are used to remove damaged, corroded, rusted, painted over or tamperproof screws, nuts and bolts.

Mayhew Introduces New 12-Piece Torx Socket Bit Set

Mayhew Steel Products, Inc. (Mayhew) introduces a new 12-piece Torx Socket Bit Set (P/N 16013), which features a wide range of sizes that can be used with the appropriate ratchet, T-handle or socket spinner handle, allowing users the ability to fasten or unfasten the most common Torx screws. The design of this set allows for

Mayhew Introduces Titanium-Coated Triple Square Bit Set

The set includes a convenient storage rail that keeps all bits organized and easily accessible.

Mayhew Introduces 2 New 4-Piece Dominator Pro Pry Bar Sets

The new sets feature four of the most popular Dominator Pro Pry Bar lengths, including 8-in., 12-in., 25-in. and 36-in.

Mayhew Introduces New 10-Pc Phillips Dual Drive Bit Set

Titanium coating adds strength and wear resistance.

Mayhew Introduces The Big Stick To Dominator Product Line

The Big Stick’s hardened and tempered steel shaft runs from the cutting edge of the pry bar through the handle to deliver maximum durability and prying power.

Mayhew Tools Introduces New ProPneumatic Tool Set Designed for Long Reach Applications

All of the pneumatic tools are 18 inches in length and feature a .401 Turn Type Parker Shank.

Mayhew Tools Announces New ProPneumatic Heavy-Duty Tool Set

All are made of an alloy steel that has been hardened and tempered and feature a .498 Turn Type Parker Shank.

Mayhew Tools Introduces ProPneumatic Four Piece Flange Nut/Bolt Driver Set

Each driver fits over the hex head on the flange nut or bolt and drives them using the flange making them ideal for multi-purpose applications where driving any rod, pin or bolt is needed without sliding off that fit within the counter-bore.

Mayhew Tools Announces New ProPneumatic Exhaust Pipe, Muffler Set

The pneumatic tool set features all of the necessary pipe cutters and tools to remove and cut pipe without damage.

Mayhew Tools Designs Two New ProPneumatic Hammer Sets

All of the hammers within the sets are made of shock-resistant alloy steel that is fully hardened and tempered.