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Obituary: Bill McKnight, Aftermarket Trainer And Icon

Bill lost his 18-month fight with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) on March 18.

MAHLE’s Next Generation RRR Machines

Next generation means high-performance with user-friendly features.

VIDEO: The Dirty Truth About Clogged Cabin Air Filters

A customer says their heater isn’t working. Could the cabin air filter be the culprit? This video is sponsored by MAHLE.

VIDEO: The Importance Of Valve Stem Seals

Doug Kaufman explains what it means when a valve stem seal is damaged. This video is sponsored by MAHLE.

VIDEO: Can A Gasket Change Torque Specifications?

Learn how to find info on gasket torque specifications from OE and aftermarket manufacturer sources. Sponsored by MAHLE.

MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. ‘7 Reasons’ Promotion Concludes With Reason 7 And A Chance To Win The ‘Recharge’ And ‘Tune-up’ At SEMA 2019 Grand Prize

The concluding tier of the promotion, connected to MAHLE Service Solutions shop and diagnostic equipment, runs from Oct. 14 through Oct. 27.

MAHLE Aftermarket Video Documents Petty’s Garage Building 1,100-HP Hemi For Dodge Challenger Grand Prize

The video, which was preceded by two shorter teaser videos, follows Petty’s Garage lead engine builder Fred Lankford and his team as they build the MAHLE Challenger engine.

MAHLE Aftermarket Launches Video Series Documenting Petty’s Garage Build Of Dodge Challenger

The Challenger is the grand prize in the company’s 2019 “Drive with the Original” promotion.