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Diagnosing Active Roll Bars

Roll bars on modern vehicles are often a compromise between stability and comfort.

Mercedes-Benz Hydraulic Suspension Evolution

Do’s, Don’ts and Did You Knows about Mercedes-Benz’s diverse hydraulic suspension systems.

VIDEO: Power Steering Systems That You Might Encounter

There are three different types of power-steering systems today. This video is sponsored by The Group.

Brake Lines: What Is The Right Solution?

Inspecting brake lines should be part of every vehicle inspection.

ATE Offers Line Of Hydraulic Brake Parts

Continental offers application coverage and availability for a wide spectrum of European vehicle makes and models.

How Do Fluid And Friction Change Brake Pedal Feel?

Chances are your foot will know the condition of a vehicle’s brakes and the quality of the brake pads before your mind puts it all together. Consider this: Stopping a 4,000-lb. vehicle requires a driver to press on a pedal to generate friction at the wheels. What happens in between the pedal and pads can determine how much pressure the driver is required to apply to stop the vehicle in a safe distance.

ABS: Why Winter Is Hard On Your ABS Brake System

Rock salt and deicing brines can corrode brake lines. Automakers have tried galvanization, polymer coatings and physical barriers to stop this corrosion, but these surfaces can’t prevent age and the pecking of road debris from causing corrosion.

Your Guide to the Kia Brake Job

Kias will provide little challenge for any tech currently handling basic brake work. All it takes is paying attention to details and good work habits to make it profitable. An occasional long pedal could be a master cylinder bleeding down, which usually happens in a stop-and-go or a downhill situation where the brakes are being

Kia brake job